Making the Right Giving Choice

Supporting the United Methodist Foundation of West Ohio

If you are a faithful United Methodist who would like to make a difference in the lives of people in your church, community, or across the globe, the Foundation can help! Follow this helpful guide to make your gift today.

Step 1: Get some clarity.

Before you consider what to give, consider why you want to give. Think about what is important to you. What issues or problems concern you that are impacting your church, your community or our society? What would you change if you could? The Foundation can help you uncover your priorities and find a United Methodist organization that can address your reasons for giving. Just give us a call.

Step 2: Consider timing.

When you think of your interests, do you want to make an immediate impact? Or do you want to make sure you have an impact long into the future? If you could do both, would you? The answers to these questions will help you determine the best way to give.

Step 3: Think about your resources.

If you’d like to make an immediate impact, think about your current income or cash assets, such as stock. If you’d like to make a long-term impact, consider your noncash assets, estate plans, and current beneficiaries of insurance plans or retirement funds.

Step 4: Find the right fit.

Now, with your interests in mind, and knowing the timing of your gift, plus which of your resources you’d like to share, it’s time to determine the best giving vehicle for you. The Foundation can help you determine which planned givig vehicle is right for your needs. Some of your planned giving options include:

  • Outright Gifts of Assets – gifting noncash assets like real estate, land, etc.
  • Bequests and beneficiary designations – naming your church as the beneficiary of accounts like life insurance or retirement plans
  • Life Income Gifts – gifts that create income during your lifetime with the remainder benefitting charity at death
  • Endowed Funds/Restricted Funds – accounts set up to benefit a charity in perpetuity


Most importantly, reach out to the Foundation to have a conversation about your giving. We are here to help you reach your personal charitable goals.


Susan Black, Executive Director