Individual Endowment

The United Methodist Foundation of West Ohio is pleased to assist individual donors (or families) who wish to establish an endowment fund for charitable purposes. The packet of materials found on this page is designed to specifically help donors with that process and to meet the necessary disclosure requirements. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like assistance in completing the process.

The purpose of the Individual/Family Endowment Program is to offer donors a vehicle for organizing and funding endowment funds for the support of designated charitable beneficiaries. Donors make an initial contribution toward the endowment and may take up to five years to fully fund the endowment. Individual endowments require specific distribution instructions that align with the Foundation’s policies. Individual endowments are intended to meet the philanthropic intent of the donor as documented in the donor agreement. Endowments may not be made to benefit individuals.

The Foundation acts as investment agent and custodian for various funds that have been donated to or accumulated by the Foundation and other Conference organizations, agencies, or churches. The investing organizations or charitable beneficiaries must be charitable not-for-profit organizations exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) or other applicable sections of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended and related to the West Ohio Conference. The Foundation’s duties include physical safekeeping, investment, and distribution of the Funds’ assets in accordance with the directions of these entities, or in the case of individual endowments, with the donors’ original charitable intent.

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A Beautiful Legacy:
The Mary and Wilmer Kendall Endowment

Ralph L. Kendall lived a life of service and left a legacy of devotion to family, charity, and community investment. He grew up in Winchester, OH and never forgot the lessons he learned at the side of his father, Wilmer, and mother, Mary, who were both active in Winchester UMC. In fact, Ralph grew up surrounded by at least three generations of the Kendall family in the pews with him each Sunday including his maternal and paternal grandparents. The church was integral to their lives: Mary attended WUMC nearly her whole life and was active in the Sunday School; and Wilmer served as church handyman and treasurer for over 40 years. Ralph remembered sitting at the dining room table on Sunday afternoons, “helping Dad count the money”.

Lewis Wilmer Kendall and Mary Hazel Edmiston Kendall
Winchester UMC
Ralph L. and Joy R. Kendall

After moving away, joining the Navy, having a family with his wife Joy, and building a successful career in accounting and banking, Ralph never forgot the foundation Winchester UMC provided for him and his siblings. It was his wish to create an endowment fund for the church before his death. His three daughters, Joy, Cheryl and Karen, worked to achieve the goal; and although it was not accomplished before his passing in August 2020, it was accomplished within a few months and established in December 2020.  Ralph wanted the endowment to be created in memory of his parents, and thus the new endowment is known as the Mary and Wilmer Kendall Endowment for Winchester UMC.

The United Methodist Foundation of West Ohio celebrates the Kendall family legacy and is grateful to Ralph’s daughters who made the gift possible. For more information on how you can make a similar legacy gift, contact the Foundation offices.