Investment Managment

The Foundation has served West Ohio congregations first as a Council on Development beginning in 1978. We follow a comprehensive approach to sustainable, value-aligned investment management that allow investors to choose an allocation mix of equities for growth, fixed income or a balanced fund. We partner with highly respected investment advisors and world-renowned fund managers to offer investors exceptional investment opportunities. Our Foundation Investment Policy Committee team meets quarterly with the fund managers to review reports and make adjustments as needed.

The Foundation offers professional investment management as part of our comprehensive stewardship ministry. We pool funds entrusted to us by congregations and related ministries. We retain professional fund managers at a fee structure that only the very largest churches could obtain individually. We believe that it is critical for congregations to make a witness through their investments. We recognize our stewardship responsibility to ensure that Foundation funds are invested consistent with the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church. Accordingly, we require all our fund managers to screen investments using a rigorous process that considers products, environmental impact, community relationship, and corporate citizenship.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit ministry. As such, we do not serve stockholders, but our constituents. We do not need to maintain branch offices nor do we employ a sales force. We keep our costs low and pass through the savings to our clients. We come alongside local church leaders and congregations to help further your ministry. Beyond investment counsel, we offer a wide variety of complimentary services to churches, including financial stewardship consultation, planned giving programs, and estate and financial planning workshops. All these services are provided without charge to our constituent churches.

The Foundation pools church funds in the Huntington Bank Investment Funds to create a critical mass to be invested. The following fees provide the highest regard in management for a nominal cost:

FUND NAME                       HUNTINGTON        FOUNDATION         TOTAL

FIXED INCOME                  60 basis pts               20 basis pts                      80 basis pts

BALANCED                          60 basis pts               30 basis pts               90 basis pts

GROWTH                              60 basis pts               30 basis pts               90 basis pts

Note: One basis point is equal to 1/100th of one percent or .01. This fee schedule may be amended from time to time.

The majority of our investment accounts are endowment funds that share the stated goal of long-term growth as well as current income. Accordingly, we recommend a significant portion of fund assets to be invested in common stocks along with a portion in fixed income assets. We are frequently asked to keep the church’s account “balanced,” in which case we maintain the assets in the Balanced Fund, which typically holds between 50% and 60% in equity investments and the balance in cash and fixed income. The Foundation has several resources that can assist a committee to form its judgment regarding asset allocation matters. Check our publications and stewardship resources for more information. In addition, we offer individual consultations as desired. Please contact us for more information.

Currently client access is through the Foundation. Requests are made through the Foundation office. Requests for funds are processed weekly (account closing may take a few extra days.) We maintain liquid reserves to provide for flexible access to your funds.

You may change the asset allocation of your account at any time with a written request along with two signatures from the Management Agreement Signature page.

At this time the Foundation and Huntington are in the process of providing this service and hope to have it available in the near future.

Statements are available quarterly.